Measuring Buc Hype on a Scale of One to Owusu

Every year, there seems to be a new late round pick or undrafted free agent (UDFA) that the fanbase gets hyped about on astronomical levels. During the later Gruden years, for instance, there were a number of fans that were convinced 2008 5th Round Pick Josh Johnson was going to be the franchise QB savior we never had. The hype train on him was blazing, yet, when Johnson finally got the chance to start, the expectation caboose derailed and ignited our hopes in a ball of flames. 

And who could forget in 2011, when we landed "the steal of the draft" in Da'Quan Bowers. Even when that Hypetanic began to sink, fans still held on and continued to declare "he's gonna break out next year, I can feel it!" 

This year, the Hypedenburg is around Adarius Glanton and Riley Bullough, and who knows, maybe one or both winds up meeting the expectations we have. 

The concept of "hype," is of course subjective. Or is it? What if you could measure Buccaneer hype as a unit? 

What if you could measure hype on a scale of one to owusu? 

The Owusu Scale

The Owusu scale works in such a way, that each player on the scale is like a unit of measurement. So like, you know how four quarters equals one dollar? Three Dre Moores equals one Owusu on the Owusu scale, and so forth. More below: 






Explanation: There's a small hype train around Stevie Tu'ikolavatu that I thought it made most sense to have him as the smallest level of hype measurement. He looks like a Tongan version of Thurman Murman. 





Explanation: Moore was our 4th round pick in 2008, and after a promising career at Maryland, he didn't even make the final roster as a rookie. "Steal of the draft!" they bellowed. It was a brief hype train, a quiet hype train, but now, a dead hype train. He gets a two on the measurement scale. 






Explanation: "When he gets back from his hamstring injury, he's going to be a great WR2 replacement for V-Jax!" Nah. 





Explanation: Jon "The QB Whisperer" Gruden couldn't find a QB to whisper to after Brad Johnson retired. Bruce Gradkowski sucked, for instance. But Johnson was supposedly our savior, who enough fans bought into that to this day, you still see Josh Johnson jerseys floating around. But, he wasn't good at football. He gets a 4 on hype measurement scale. 





Explanation: "Curse you, Dominik!" we said as he passed on Bowers to take Clayborn in 2011. When it came time to pick in round 2, our guy was there. "You're a genius, Dominik!" And each year, we waited for Da'quan to break out to the #1 overall pick levels of skill we expected him to have. The closest he got to firing on all cylinders was when they caught him with a loaded gun at the airport. 






Explanation: No one really knows where the Owusu train started, but in terms of full on hype, he maximizes the scale. For a guy who didn't amass even 400 yards in his final years of college (with Andrew Frickin' Luck throwing to him), when he got to Bucs camp as a UDFA, the media was like "HERE COMES THE SECOND COMING OF JERRY RICE" and then we bit the bullet and said "YEAH I THINK HE'S GOING TO BE LIKE ALSTOTT, BROOKS, AND WILDER IN ONE PACKAGE." No seriously, does anyone know where the Owusu hype came from? He got waived.